Breeder Profile

Our mission is Quality not Quantity. Our dogs are sound in body and mind, beautiful to look at and a joy to live with!


We have owned, bred, trained and exhibited Dobermanns since 1977 in the UK. Our Kennel was founded in 1996 and maintains a keen interest in imported bloodlines from the USA. Our long term breeding program is focused on using specific bloodlines carefully selected for stable temperament, strong character and good breed type. We believe very strongly in maintaining healthy dogs that are fit for function capable of fulfilling the original purpose of the breed.

AKITAS have been part of our lives since 1985 based on lines imported from the USA. Our long term breeding program commencing in 1997. Careful choice of bloodlines and selective use of breeding stock enables us to successfully produce Akita’s of good breed type, stable temperament and magnificent colour. We breed Akitas that are reliable and loyal companions many of which enjoy success in the show ring.